This Massive Antarctic Snow Cruiser Was A Massive Failure (12 pics)

In 1939 this Antarctic Snow Cruiser was built to be used as a vehicle that would allow people to explore Antarctica. Unfortunately it didn’t make it very far once it arrived in Antarctica before it broke down. The diesel-electric hybrid powertrain was thought to be too fragile causing the breakdown. Now its exact whereabouts are unknown but it’s believed to be buried somewhere in the Antarctic.
antarctic_snow_cruiser_01 antarctic_snow_cruiser_02 antarctic_snow_cruiser_03 antarctic_snow_cruiser_04 (1) antarctic_snow_cruiser_05 antarctic_snow_cruiser_06 antarctic_snow_cruiser_07 antarctic_snow_cruiser_08 antarctic_snow_cruiser_09 antarctic_snow_cruiser_10 antarctic_snow_cruiser_11 antarctic_snow_cruiser_12