Couple Found Two Orphan Baby Birds In Their Yard, They Raised Them And Even Gave Them Flying Lessons

The couple who posted these pics found the pair in his yard in the fallout of a massive storm. At first, they thought that they were already dead, but noticed them twitching.

This was the day he found them. They had been in a tree in my front yard that suffered storm damage overnight. He initially picked them up with a plastic bag assuming them dead, but they started squirming.

Got them dry and then went over to my parent’s to borrow a cat carrier as an impromptu bird cage.

Foul, day 3

Grounder, day 3

Early feeding was tremendously messy and tedious. He mixed a porridge for them after reading online recipes. It was basically whole wheat flour, cormeal, oats, and a calcium and vitamin supplement for birds. Over time he also added progressively more birdseed.

It was a little over a week before he could get them to start feeding themselves.

By week 3 they were pretty proficient and he was able to leave food in their cage for them.

Flying lessons. Early lessons involved tossing them and catching them. Then as they got bigger he’d toss them forward and they’d fly for a bit.

About a week before release he took them over to his parent’s house to live on their screen porch. His parents have several bird feeders and a fresh water source, as well as a large dove population. He figured it would be better for them than my place which is a little more in the city.
5The day of release. Foul (right) still has a little bit of down. Grounder (left) was always bigger. Both had taken to flying around the screen porch and perching on the fan or rafters, so they figured they were ready.

To release them, they started by making sure they knew where food was.

Foul took off quickly up into one of his parent’s pine trees.

Several days after release, his mother sent me this. Apparently grounder still comes down from the trees to follow her around the yard when she’s out there. Both birds are still currently doing well. They’re guessing they will stay in the area indefinitely since the other doves don’t migrate.