I’ve Never Rescued A Stray…He Thought. But Pic #4 Melted His Heart!

This is a story of how an everyday encounter could lead to a remarkable story. Imgur user perfectpencil shared in photographs the story of how he adopted a stray cat. He does not elaborate what his work is, but he found ‘Luna’, a stray kitten, in the neighborhood near a granite shop his friend works in.

Oh God…He was not prepared for this.
04 - 55imqNs

This is when he first met “Luna” at his friend’s granite shop. No one lived in that neighbourhood and there were starving strays everywhere.
01 - p3oqhjR

She was maybe 2 months old and already skin and bone.
02 - YUIo0qj

He decided to bring her some cat food. It cost 2 bucks from a corner store a few blocks away.
03 - gQZ4iBQ

Her dual colored eyes were really enchanting. Only with food in her belly did she perk up enough to show her face.
05 - vISoeyh

06 - MBmxorH

When he got her home she ate… and ate.. and ate and ate.
07 - 5Mtl909

She mastered the litter tray instantly.
08 - CYM1vxj

09 - AoIskOo

And was really ok with water. She needed a flea bath since she was covered in them.
10 - 3gpNcrv

12 - JAPC3dX

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14 - wHMvWgO


She keeps him really happy and gives him good company at the hom


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