How Far Do You Think A Firefighter’s Obligation Goes To Rescue Those He Or She Saves From A Fire?

Kyle Durham tried to save a litter of puppies, after hearing an odd call about a tool shed in someone’s backyard being on fire. The firefighters actually had to dig them out to save them, and only two of the sibling pups survived the ordeal.

One of those pups had to go through weeks of intensive care at the Animal Emergency and Surgical Center, and even then, scar tissue has consumed most of his body, as well as taking an ear. He will also need to have a leg amputated, so that he won’t have to go through the pain of walking with a constantly painful leg for his lifetime.

When you survive an ordeal like that, where do you go from there? This puppy was lucky to survive, even with everything that’s happened, and he will have a welcoming family to ensure he will have a happy life.