Firefighter Who Took In Friend’s 6 Kids After He Died On 9/11 Gets BEST Surprise…The Is What Father’s Day Is All About


Vinnie & Larry were best friends from childhood, and then unfortunately Lt. Vinnie Halloran died on 9/11, Lt. Larry Mack wasn’t going to let his best friend’s six kids have a childhood with no father figure to look upto…what he did is nothing short of spectacular and makes for an amazing father day story.

For his years of devoting his time to the five Halloran boys, and the daughter who never had a chance to meet her dad, Mack was honored with an early Father’s Day surprise. Mack, a diehard New York Jets fan who loves watching their games, was honored with a Jets tailgate party at his fire station in Queens, New York. He also got a moving message from former Jets superstar Joe Namath and free tickets for his family of four and the Halloran family to see the Jets play the Chicago Bears on Sept. 22.