The Most Hilarious College Story You’ve Ever Heard…Best laugh I Had in awhile


Freshman year of college, two of my friends, Josh and Aaron, were sitting in the hallway of their dorm just hanging out. Now, there was a guy on their floor that everyone called Joe Cool because he was always wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket. He would always come in late at night, usually pretty drunk.

Well, on that night, Joe Cool came in around 3 in the morning. He stumbled over to Josh and Aaron and said, “Guys…guys, you’ve got to help me. The hangover’s going to kill me. You got anything to help take the edge off this?”

Josh just kind of shrugged and said, “Nah man, can’t help you, sorry.” Aaron sat there for a second…then said, “Yeah, I think I’ve got something.” He left, leaving Josh to wonder what the hell he had in mind. Aaron came back a few minutes later with something in his hands.

In his hands were three small pills. One was hot pink. The other was neon green. Another was some kind of purple. He handed them over to Joe Cool, who was really appreciative. “Dude, you’re a saint, man, I really appreciate it, I really do.”

Aaron started cracking up and went back to looking at his computer. A few minutes later, he sat up. “Wait, did Joe walk away with those?” “Yeah dude, why?” Josh says.

“Oh shit..”

Aaron runs after Joe, and Josh follows him. “What the hell did you give him, man?!?!”
“I can’t tell you…but we need to stop him!”
They find Joe Cool in the bathroom. He’s walking away from the sink, having just guzzled the pills down. “Gee man, thanks again, you’re a real lifesaver, you hear?”
Aaron’s face turned blue. Josh was really starting to freak out now. “AARON. Is he going to be okay?!?!?!”

“Dude, I don’t know. But we need to watch him tonight.” So the two guys found Joe in his room already out cold. They decided to take turns watching him at night, one person sleeping while the other person watches him. A few hours in, though, they screw up and both fall asleep.

Fast forward to the morning and Joe’s gone when they wake up. Immediately, Josh and Aaron start freaking out. “Oh shit, where the hell’s Joe Cool?!?!”

They start looking around, and they eventually find him in the bathroom. He comes walking out of the stall and his face is beet red. He’s obviously been crying. His hair is completely sweaty. And he just nervously cries, “Guys…did you see me come in last night?”

“Umm…yeah, I guess,” the guys said.
“Well…did I eat anything…weird?”
“Uhh, I’m not sure Joe. Why?”

At this point, Aaron just hits the ground laughing. Josh is just sitting there shouting, “WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?! AARON…what did you give him?

Eventually, Aaron is able to stop laughing enough to speak. And he finally reveals what was in those pills: “Dude…dude…you know how at the toy store, you can buy those sponge capsules that you put in the water and they expand into dinosaurs? HE JUST TOOK THREE OF THEM!!!