Utah Company Raises $27K To Provide Meals For Students While Not In School During The Holidays

For many kids, Christmas break means two weeks of freedom and fun away from the classroom. It’s easy to forget that many children are not as fortunate and depend on school for their daily meals.


Employees at Green River Capital in Salt Lake City, Utah wanted to ensure that every student at Redwood Elementary was fed during the holidays. After raising $27,000 to purchase the food, they took time out of their busy schedules to stuff 775 boxes; one for each child to take home. Each box contained 22 meals.

“Our building is right over there, we share a fence with them so we decided, let’s do something for our neighbors,” said Scott Karren, an employee at Green River Capital who spearheaded the project.


“They are grateful, and a lot of them are overwhelmed,” said Redwood Elementary Principal Leslie Bell. “If you look at their faces as they’re getting the boxes, you know, tears in their eyes.”