These True 5 Stories Are So Mind-Blowingly Ridiculous…#4 Is Just Hilarious

#1 Corpse Mistaken for April Fools’ Prank in St. Pete.

[Source] How the fuck do you pick up a body without realizing it’s real?!

#2 The most Canadian police chase ever: Alberta Mounties bum ride on snowmobile to chase stolen John Deere tractor.

[Source]Were they drinking maple syrup, playing hockey and waving a Canadian flag at the same time?

#3 Malawian man lets hyena eat his genitals because witch doctor said it would make him rich.

[Source]Darwin award nominee, I think he already won the award. No genitals + no kids = winner.

#4 Airline withdraws ‘offensive’ in-flight magazine claiming it would never lose a plane.

[Source]People are just too f**king sensitive.

#5 Feng shui master killed at ‘perfect burial spot’

[Source]I feel kinda bad for the survivor. The master picked the location for six burials and the survivor was left out. Now he’ll need to find a new spot as the current one was only suitable for six and the Feng shui master selfishly kept one for himself.