In The Darkest Of Moments, These People Responded In The Most Beautiful Ways

#1 A dying wife left this loving, emotional letter to her husband and children — and to her husband’s future family.

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in January of 2011, Brenda Schmitz was told she would only have months to live, leaving a husband and four sons behind. She wrote a letter to her family and arranged with a friend to have it delivered posthumously, if and when her husband found a new love.

#2 This 79-year-old Marine was discharged for being gay years ago. He had one final request before he died: to be vindicated by the US military.


#3 Man’s last wish was to leave an astounding tip — “$500 on a f****** pizza,” to be exact.


#4 A firefighter’s firehouse brothers gave him one last ride on the big red truck.

Eight years ago, Newport News, Va. firefighter Fred Broyles left work to go to the doctor, where he found that he had cancer.Broyles was losing his battle to cancer and realized he’d never gotten to enjoy one last ride on a firetruck. So his firefighting brothers stepped in to grant him that dying wish in June of 2013.


#5 A little girl wanted only to drive in a pink Lamborghini with “Top Gear” host Richard Hammond.


#6 This girl wanted to see “Up” before she passed, so Pixar sent her a DVD of the film before anyone else could get one.


#7 A teenager got her dying wish to marry the sweetheart who cared for her.


#8 A group of Star Wars fans built a custom R2 droid to watch over a terminally ill little girl while she slept


#9 A homeless man wanted to see his old canine friend one last time before he died. The community made his wish come true.


#10 This dying mother wished to see her son graduate, so in her final days they brought the whole graduation to her.


#11 Woman Saved The Life Of A Man Who Dialed The Wrong Number

When 84-year-old Thomas Buck dialed Ashley Yasick’s phone number, he had meant to reach his sister-in-law who lived nearby for help. The Pennsylvania man was suffering from a blood infection, and left a “gut-wrenching” message on Ashley’s phone. She used Google to locate his address and phoned his local police department. Buck spent several days in the ICU and ER doctors said that if Ashley hadn’t made the call, things could have turned out much worse.


#12 Teen Uses Internet To Prevent Another Teen’s Suicide Across The Country

Jackie knew that one of the girls she followed on Tumblr had been cyberbullied, so when the girl spoke about taking her own life in a blog post, she knew the situation was serious. Jackie called her local police and supplied them with all of the information she had. Police were led across the country to New Jersey, where they tracked down the girl’s home. Upon entering, they found her unconscious from ingesting several prescription pills. The girl was transported to the hospital.


#13 Therapy Llamas Bring Joy To The Sick And Healing


#14 Little Boy Uses Spelling Skills To Save His Dad’s Life

Five-year-old Nathaniel Dancy Jr. put his spelling skills to the ultimate test when his father suffered from a stroke while driving on a New Jersey highway. Nathaniel’s father had managed to pull the car over to the side of the road safely, and the little boy immediately called his grandmother. With his mother conferenced in, he tried to describe where he and his father were located by spelling out the signs he saw around him. “F-U-R-N-I-T-U-R-E,” Nathanial spelled, and added that he and his father were near a tunnel. Through this information, his mother and grandmother figured out where the pair was located and sent help to the scene. Nathaniel’s actions saved his father’s life – a prime example of the importance of education.