Nasa’s super-sized plane can carry 26 tonnes of spaceship parts and still travel at 290mph…Why Would Someone Want to Cut Down on NASA’s Funding?

Dubbed the Supper Guppy, the aircraft is able to swallow other planes whole and has played a vital role in missions including Gemini and Skylabk


The Super Guppy is more than 20ft (7 metres) longer than an Airbus A320 and has a wingspan of 156 ft 3 inches (47.6 metres) compared to an A320 wingspan of 117 ft 5 inches (35.8 metres)


Two retired Nasa T-38 trainers mounted on a transport pallet atop a mobile transporter are positioned for loading aboard Nasa’s Super Guppy


There have been five Super Guppies built today, helping move spacecraft parts and fuel to vital locations


Equipment and fuel is loaded and unloaded via a hinged nose at the front of the huge plane, according to Nasa


Pregnant Guppy helped achieve President Kennedy’s goal of getting to the moon by the end of the 1960s


Airbus Industries commissioned and operated four SGT Super Guppy Transport aircraft to ferry large A300 fuselage sections throughout Europe during the last three decades of the 20th century


The U.S. Department of Defense has also tapped the Guppy’s capabilities to move aircraft and large components around the continent, including T-38s for the Air Force and V-22s for the Navy