A Man Spent 4 Decades Building This… What Happened On The Last Day Of His Life Gave Me Chills.

Jesus created the temple using cement and pulverized mountain rocks.

He earned money to work on this creation by selling vegetables in the lowlands.

His wife, Teresita, didn’t think he’d be able to do it. But the artist was determined to finish.

He started construction in the 1970s.

Over four decades, Jesus diligently worked on his masterpiece.

He knew what he wanted to build from the very beginning and his plans only slightly changed over the years.

He wasn’t formally trained, but Apung Susing was able to build a temple that stood the test of time. Even though there have been earthquakes in the area, they have not toppled Bale Batu.

In March 2007, Apung Susing wasn’t feeling well. He asked his wife to cook him tinola, a type of soup. He descended to the lower level of his own creation.

She brought it to him in the temple. He ate that meal… and took his last breath. Bale Batu became his own grave.