Harness invented by a mother of a child with cerebral palsy, helps disabled children walk for the first time..#4 is just Incredible

#1 The design is a collaborative effort between Debby Elnatan, the Israeli mom of a child with cerebral palsy who was only used to a wheelchair, and the Firefly team at the Leckey design company.


#2 Short periods for therapy purposes. Kids with these types of disabilities do not build significant muscle tone in their legs without manual therapy.


#3 Perhaps the biggest intervention here is a social, interactive one: So many therapeutic tools for motor skills help a child to “have fun” while working muscles and strengthening stamina—more or less in isolation. These children look so happy.


Short periods for pure “fun”. On the site you can see where the parents took their child out to kick the ball with their brother. It would be hard for me to explain how incredible that would feel.