Nuclear Bunker Built For £30 MILLION in 1990 With Its Own Hospital and Workshop Commercial Kitchen

This former nuclear bunker just west of Dundee in Scotland has gone on sale for £200,000 and features 26,000sqft of accommodation


The hide-away has 49 rooms and was designed to house 150 people, but is in need of some tender loving care after a few decades without use


In order to help people survive the fallout from an atomic blast, the bunker is fitted with air filters, backup generators and water storage tanks


The bunker was fitted out to allow 150 officials to outlast nuclear warfare buried deep underground where radiation was less likely to affect them


While the property may make a poor home, it could easily be used for data storage as the design protects it from solar flares which can knock out sensitive computing equipment


The enormous bunker was supposed to be a regional survival hub and is split over two levels with 27 rooms on the top floor alone


The site was designed to provide shelter in the event of a nuclear disaster and even includes a BBC recording studio which would have been used to communicate with survivors


The cavernous interior of the bunker provides a chilling insight into what life might have been like for survivors of nuclear warfare as they cowered underground