90 Year Old Woman Finds Deceased WWII Marine’s Diary Addressed to Her

Included in the diary was a picture of Laura Mae that Thomas had kept with him at all times.

This is Cpl. Thomas “Colton” Jones. He was killed by a Japanese sniper during WWII.

The death notice the U.S. Government sent after his death.

Jones’ diary started with the following: “my life history of my days in the U.S. Marine Corps … And most of all my love for Laura Mae for whom my heart is completely filled. So if you all get a chance please return it to her. I (am) writing this as my last life request.”

Another page of the diary, which has been replicated and given to Laura Mae since the discovery.

The last entry in the diary discussed how he had won $320 playing craps. He wrote, “”Laura Mae & I would really have a wonderful Xmas.”

Laura Mae will cherish this diary for the rest of her life, finally having closure to losing her high school sweetheart.