Apology for “The Best of Privilege Denying Feminist”

Dear readers,

Please know that I take your complaints about a recent article that catalogued “The Best of Privilege Denying Feminist” very seriously and share your disdain for any sort of bigotry—misogyny included.

I founded Geekfill to curate all the funny aspects of the internet, and regret that this article ever graced the website. It is indefensible.

I apologize for the post, which was written by one of our freelancers. I make no excuses for the writer, whom I will be personally reprimanding for both his lack of foresight and terrible sense of humor. It may have been funny to him, but it isn’t funny to me. It has never been Geekfill’s intention to cast feminism (a cause which I personally support) in a poor light.

I have personally removed the offending article, and will caution my editors to exercise more diligence so this doesn’t happen again. Once again, please allow me to apologize.